Power And Education Essay

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When a country has power it can use it to better its country. One example is forming alliances with other powerful countries and form trades to get the things their country needs. A country can also use its power in a bad way. Some examples are if try to take over other countries and make many enemies, this would make countries attack them and citizens would be killed. Depending on the education, the citizens receive they will use their power and the country's power in either a good way or a bad way. If people learn about countries helping each other out and being peaceful, then they will most likely do the same when they are in power. Of course there are a few times when this isn't the case. For a country to be positive they have to learn that being positive is the best way to be. They can learn about countries that used their power to do bad things but they need to see that in history it has never worked out and will not help the country out in the long run. In the 18th century the United States just got their independence from England and was relying on foreign education to educate the men of the country. A few people didn't believe this was the best this for a newly independent country. Their names were Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Noah Webster. They each came up with their own education proposal. The best proposal was from Noah Webster. His plan was all about establishing an educational system in America and not relying on foreign education. An education in your own country allows you to have the same morals as your country and see what your country needs to be better. Before the American Revolution the colonists in America felt they were being oppressed by England's rule. The colonists wrote the Declaration of Independence which stated all the things they didn't like about the king of England's rule and why they

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