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Team A Final Paper Nicole Bowers, Maureen David, Anita Glover, Gregory Jones UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX EBUS/ 400 Juanita Darby TBD Intro Powell’s Outline In 1972 Walter Powell opened Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. The idea came from his son’s successful store in Chicago. Michael Powell soon joined his father in Seattle. They bought every used book they could get their hands on. The store sold both new and used books. New, used, hardcover, and paperback versions of books could be found on the same shelf. Stocking new and used books in the same store was a new idea. Michael and Walter assumed customers want the idea of not shopping at two different stores for new or used books. They were correct because by 1994 Powell’s operated six different stores in the Seattle area. Powell’s website www.powells.portland.or.us began in 1994. Two full-time employees staffed the Internet store. By the end of 1998 online sales accounted for 3% of sales. Stores sales continued to increase and by 1999 the .com part of business moved to a building across the street from the main bookstore. Then in 2004 Powell’s .com moved into a 60,000 foot warehouse. The web design changed to a better look and feel, including a blog space. In 2005 Powell.com was named one of the top 50 retail websites by Internet retailer magazine. Somehow Powell’s .com survived the dot-com boom and bust reporting profit increases each year. Powell’s believe the policy of remaining independent is the key to their continued success. Powell's Look And Feel The key to operating a successful organization is to appeal, and satisfy the customer’s needs. This concept holds truth, when conducting business online as well as in a physical location. In today’s society of speed-fast technology makes purchasing online a convenience for consumers on the go. Online retailors must remember not to bombard webpages

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