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Short story TDEC for “Powder” In the short story “Powder” by Tobias Wolff the narrator’s mood with his father is tense because he thinks his dad is naïve and doesn’t think ahead before actingdoing; however, by the end of the story the narrator learns to appreciate his father cause of his honestyim. The nNarrator is taken to a skiing trip with his father during the Christmaswinter break, his parents are divorced and his father had to “fight for the privilege of [his sons] company” ever since he “[snuck] [his son] into the night club.” The father thought that his ex-wife would probably not find out but she did, because he did not think a head of the consequences of maybe not being to see his son cause of his bad actions he almost couldn’t see his son and not take him on a skiing trip he promised him. Once they were out of the ski resort a storm was passinggoing through, by it was already getting late, since his ex-wife was furiousmad about the last accident that happened he didn’t want to be late or agitateupset her. When leaving the main road it was being blocked by a sawhorse and aan trooperofficer, the father was arguing with the police officer trooper “look, were talking about 5 to 6 inches, I’ve taken this car through worse.” The officertrooper then gives him a grim stern answer, “the road is closed.” The father is not realizing the danger in going through heavy snow, he might have gone through it before but has he taken his son with him? He’s already on the hot seat if something happens to his son and the mother finds out its not going to end so well.to be so good. The father is hard headedstubborn and goes through the road that was closed and along the way he’s talking to his son and talking about his strong points he says “don’t get me started, it’ll take all day” his son answers “oh, right. Name one” and his dad answers “Easy. You always think

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