Poverty project Essay

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Poverty Project The article “Studying the Quagmire of Welfare Reform” by Sharon Hays, is relevant to the poverty project in many ways. Firstly, in this article, Sharon Hays examined the experience of women in welfare reform, by visiting welfare offices and home of families in welfare. He did this, to know how families on welfare are able to get by with $350 check every month and also what exactly the Governments are doing to help these families to be off Governments dependence. In this project, we discussed about a single mother of two who worked at a daycare center and her hourly wage is $6.55. With this hourly wage, it is still not enough since she does not get health care coverage from her employer; she cannot afford her rent on her own, so therefore, she will need Medicaid for herself and her children, WIC (Women, Infant and Children) Voucher and housing Voucher form the Governments which is classified under welfare. In conclusion, this article “Studying the Quagmire of Welfare Reform” is relevant to our poverty project because she is a single mother who is employed and is still on welfare despite her employment status, depending on governments to fulfill all her basic needs and support. The article is also relevant to our project because it show how much the governments need to intervene and raise hourly wages to a level that will be able to cover all basic needs and not depend on the governments to pay rents, provide healthcare and provide food for families that cannot afford it simply because of low income wages. The governments should also enforce employers to provide cheap health care coverage for their employees. With this, poor women should be able to be off government dependency and face the reality of economy on their own without the help of the
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