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Tyler Lynn Sociology Poverty Paper Professor Hall Sociology Real Budget Car Insurance- 100 dollars Phone bill- 80 dollars Rent- 437.50 Cafeteria- 487.50 Restaurant - 25 dollars Toiletries- 10 dollars Laundry- 15 Trashbags-5 dollars Dorm supplies- 10 dollars Snacks- 15 dollars Clothes- 50 dollars Total- Poverty Budget Rent- 218.75 Phone Bill- 20 dollars Cafeteria- 487.50 Toiletries- 10 dollars Laundry-15 dollars Trashbags-5 dollars Snacks-15dollars Clothes 25 dollars Dorm supplies- 10 dollars Total- The Welfare and Poverty guidelines are realistic for me because I am able to cut down my costs in order to make it work. However I feel that those with families they have to support I think these guidelines are unrealistic and are impossible to achieve. For Example in the Waging a Living video where both the nurse and the lady with the divorce were both seriously struggling to pay the bills and they were both constantly afraid of losing their homes. In the Waging a Living you see two women both in relative poverty working incredibly hard to support their families and to get out of the hole so to speak. However even though they are working as hard as they can they are not able to stay on top of their bills and throughout are constantly terrified of losing their homes and not being able to pay off their bills. When you live alone you can afford to stay in the cheap one room house and you can make all the cuts you need in order for you to live. However when you have a family you can’t do that you can’t cut the cost of food because there is more mouths that have to be fed, you can’t your rent because you need that house so that everyone has a place to sleep so for families it is so much harder to make the poverty budget work. Also in the Waging a Living video there is a security guard who I believe lives in the state of California. He lives in the cheapest

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