Poverty in Iceland

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Poverty in Iceland Poverty in Iceland In this essay I will inform you on poverty in Iceland, which is more common than one would think, and give my opinion on how this situation should be handled to lessen poverty and make our community better and easier to live in. Poverty in Iceland is not a myth, it is there and if you look for it you probably won’t have to look for long. Kids in schools are from all classes of wealth from having wealthy parents who can afford anything. Down to kids who can barely take lunch with them to school because of the lack of food at home. Some don‘t have good enough clothes or shoes for the winter like their friends or just good clothes in general. It‘s quite sad to see kids having to suffer from poverty at such a young age in this advanced society. It‘s estimated that about 16% of kids in Iceland live in poverty with their families not being able to get enough income to sustain a good and healthy life. That‘s 12.000 children in a country of only approximately 320.000 people, that‘s 3.75% of the nation and that’s only the kids, 12.7% of Icelanders live in poverty. And that is approximately 40.000 people which is way too much. This percentage was about 10% before 2008 and has since then risen by 2.7% so times have been better and I don‘t think they are getting better at the moment. The government do not know how to spend their money or distribute it evenly. You could see a man who works 10 hours a day in manual labour drive a 250.000kr car and barely have enough money to buy food and pay rent whilst a man who works a lot less in an office crunching numbers all day driving a 20.000.000kr Mercedes and have other cars as well and also has plenty of extra cash to spend on whatever he likes. And the gap here in Iceland is quite big. The rich only keep getting richer and the poor only keep getting poorer and a herder life. I myself

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