Poverty Doesn't Foster Crime

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Alberto Salas 6° FISO “B” English Poverty Does Not Fosters Crime Introduction: Even though a lot of people claim that poverty fosters crime, it does not matter whether you are rich or poor; each individual chooses what to do. Body: Block 1 Poverty fosters crime because people who are poor commit crimes in order to gain money and with it, they stop being poor. Crimes are committed by lots of people (rich or poor) the point of making a crime is to gain profits; sometimes the richest and most intelligent people commit the biggest crimes. Block 2 People commit crimes to obtain a gain; the richer society becomes the number of crimes increase. Conclusion: Poverty Does Not Fosters Crime Many people believe that poverty is the main cause of crimes in a city or country. They believe that the only thing poor people do is steal, mug, or even assassin to get things instead of working like a normal people do. For example, I have seen very rich people claiming that poor people are a problem to society because they do not give anything good to it; how poor people are thrown away from certain places only because they “scare normal people”, now society excludes them because of fear. We have become so judgmental that when we see a black guy or some other man with not so good clothes or with a not so good appearance (or in any way that poor people look) walking down the street coming right at us, we immediately though that he is going to assault us and maybe kill us; but if we see a man in a business suit, well shaved, with a clean hair cut, and a nice smile we might think it is even a friends of ours that is coming to say hi. There is something society should know, the rate of crimes is increasing in wealthy countries; the man in the suit could have done a scam or he might me a hit man. Poverty does not foster crime; peoples’ own

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