Poverty And World Hunger Essay

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Nicole Young May 17,2011 English 105 Mr.Thomas Starving For Knowledge As a child growing up, I have always learned of poverty and world hunger through television. Hunger is defined as an urgent need or desire for food. In the bible the poor are highly favored not suffering. In the book of Mathew chapter 5 it states blessed are the poor and hungry for they shall be filled. In the world I live in millions suffer every day. Why is this? It is a widely known fact that there is enough food in the world to feed every human being on the planet. “There is no deficit in human resources just in human will. Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table.” (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) This statement reads so true. I believe we don’t have enough morally empathetic people willing to play their part in the eradication of this taboo suffering. Hunger afflicts one out of every seven people in the world today. The cause of hunger is complicated to say. Starvation has many factors; however poverty is the greatest threat. So in order to address the problem of world hunger, we must first look at the problem of global poverty. In my paper I will address the three main causes I believe contributes to the problem of poverty and world hunger, economic issues, social reasons and natural problems. Economic Issues Some reasons that keep hunger conditions from improving are economic conditions in an area. For example the depression we are suffering today, there are little to no jobs in communities, which equal no money. Food is there to be purchased but it’s not that easy to come by when you don’t have the money to pay. Also big business or companies like Wal-Mart play a big role on the economy in certain areas. Big businesses rather send money they make from small towns back to their main head quarters. This takes

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