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Poverty And The Achievement Of Students Essay

  • Submitted by: jrenning
  • on April 18, 2011
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Running Head: POVERTY AND THE ACHIEVEMENT OF STUDENTS                         1

Poverty and The Achievement

      Of Students

      James C. Renninger

      Scranton University


      I choose the topic of poverty in education with an emphasis on literacy. The reason behind my choice is that I believe the economic gaps that exist in the classroom are the largest variation of diversity.   We include gender, ethnicity, cultural background, geographic origin, sexual orientation, and personal belief system in our definition of diversity. To completely understand diversity we must “include socioeconomic status in the diversity equation.” (McDavis, 2010).

      Through my research I found that so much of the data presented on minorities has a direct correlation to high-poverty. I found that high-poverty is the number one impact on the achievement gap between students. With high-poverty areas dealing with limited resources inequitable facilities and teachers who generally have less experience we are fostering a dilemma that needs drastic system change throughout the whole country.

      Recent movements in education have not addressed the achievement gap of low income students it has made them more glaring. “NCLB has made public education itself fair game for profiteers, and this can only mean two things: corruption and higher costs. This law turns over huge chunks of public education to those whose overriding goal is to make money.” (Gibboney, 2008). I think this quote says it all when you look at the state of the achievement gap. If the people who are controlling education are more interested in making money then what is the benefit for raising the standard for high-poverty areas.

      When looking at literacy and its relationship with high poverty areas it is easy to see where the problems come from. Students from these areas have limited exposure before they


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