Poverty And Immigration

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Poverty and Immigration Poverty it's the main reason for immigration. Millions of people live on poverty around the world. They live in very bad conditions suffering for hunger and diseases. When children grow up in a house that is falling apart in a relatively poor part of town, they will often develop different mentally than the children who grow up in a decent house in a good part of town. Also poor neighborhoods could result very dangerous for children and adults they can be victims of crime and attacks and robbery. While rich people live in the wealthiest conditions with all the services, education and social life, the poor live with just a few dollars a day. Many social and political issues, including racism are presented with immigration. People emigrate looking for better opportunities in a different country; usually an industrialized country with different culture, people and language. United States it is one or the principal country that people choose to Immigrate. From the time of the nation's founding, immigration has been crucial to the United States' growth and also a periodic source of conflict. By 2008 an estimated 11.9 million illegal immigrants were living in the United States. Immigrants will do jobs that people in their own country will not. The landscaping and construction sectors tend to be popular with immigrants as there is generally no requirement to be fluent in the English language. They are also exploiting, working longer hours for lower salaries. Once in the foreign country, illegal immigrants tend to become employed in what is known as "low skilled jobs." These jobs are often labor intensive and don't tend to attract many employees. Immigrants also suffer for racism. Citizens just want to have native citizens in their own country and do not want to share because they do not think it's fair that illegal people enjoy of the
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