Poverty and Homelessness Essay

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Did you ever hear the saying “Money makes the world go around”? Well it is so true. Since we are in economic hardship right now there is a mass increase in Poverty and Homelessness. “Twenty years ago New York City provided emergency shelter for just under a thousand families a day; last month it had to find spaces for 10,000 children on a given night” (Quindlen 358). The majority of the homeless is not just men and women its children too. More awareness should be made on the increase of Poverty and Homelessness. People from all different companies are getting laid off. And if not laid off then they are getting cut. “A study done in San Diego in 1998 found that a third of homeless families had recently had benefits terminated or reduced, and that most said that was how they wound up on the street” (Quindlen 359). When the thought of Poverty or homelessness in New York City comes to mind, the normal thought is that they are beggars’ at least the ones who would be on the street. Normally you do not think of them as once having a job and being a normal working person. One of the many reasons that there has become so much more Poverty and Homelessness in the last years is because companies are out sourcing, and when they out source they are giving other countries money and not us. That is making our economy very weak. The Economy has been getting worst for a few years now. The inflation is higher than people’s income. For example, for a while gas kept getting higher but pay checks were staying the same. Almost everyone now live day by day, they do not have extra money to put aside or into savings. They are basically just getting their pay checks and paying bills, and going food shopping, by the time that is done there is barley any money left over. People are going to drastic measures. Like Quindlen says “A lot of people sleep where they work now

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