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Poverty Essay

  • Submitted by: omaraziz
  • on June 16, 2011
  • Category: History
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Below is an essay on "Poverty" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Omar Aziz
Jun 10th,2011

Poverty in Egypt
                Based on the report of the United Nation of Human Development, 40%of Egyptians live on less than two dollars a day “www.undp.org.eg”. We can say that, nearly 40 millions of Egyptians live in extreme poverty. Those two dollars are not enough to cover even to cover daily expenses. For example to buy only one vegetarian sandwich in Egypt it costs nearly one dollar, to take public transportation within the city its costs around fifty cents for one ticket. To join the ends an Egyptian need at least 20 dollars a day. So, those poor Egyptians are looking for their food in garbage or begging other people to feed them, and some days they don’t even eat. Those poor citizens live in critical situation. This situation is up normal in a big country like Egypt. Egypt has many resources of income such as, tourism, agriculture and oil and gas industry, which can offer luxury live to Egyptian people. But what are the main causes of this extreme poverty in Egypt? Irresponsible behavior for some Egyptians contribute to this poverty, political issues and corrupted government was also responsible, also the geographical conditions played important role in Egyptian poverty. There are three main causes of this extreme poverty in Egypt: Human cause, Geographical cause and political cause.
          The first cause of poverty in Egypt is human cause. In fact people behaviour is strongly related to the circumstance of which poor people live. Moreover people are partially responsible of their poverty. For example the level of education gained by people played an important role in improving their life style or keeping them suffering in extreme poverty. The only way to guarantee better life in Egypt is to acquire more education. In Egypt, according to the United Nation report of development many   of adult Egyptians gained low level of education, so they don’t have chance to get acceptable jobs or to ameliorate their lives. Those...

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