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Poverty Essay

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Below is an essay on "Poverty" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

As it is known, poverty is defined as the lack of, or the inability to achieve, a socially acceptable standard of living. Most of people have been in poverty for ages but after industrial revolution was affected by poor people seriously because of some colonial life and increasing standard of living. In last fifty years, differences between rich and poor people have obviously seen that is shown with numbers of reality. It is known that forty six percent of population is under absolute poverty line which is determined from world bank is 2$ per a day. There are three main effects of poverty which are on children, society and health.

The severe effect of poverty is on children. People who are living in poverty do not have enough incomes which can permit them to send their children to school, so generally children who are living in poverty do not go to school and have a lack of education which is a situation that can not permit them to find an important work in the future. In addition, poverty generates an antisocial behavior on children. According to the article "poverties org", the fact of being ignored by the society affects the psychology of children which leads them to behave violently and build an idea in their mind that in every situation in which they are involved, violence is the only way that can help them to resolve problems (n.d. , p.1). The discrimination and the lack of education affect mind of children by creating in them a new habit which can not help them to have a good future.

The second effect of poverty is on health. Poverty contributes to the spreading of diseases. According to the article "poverties org", malnutrition and deficiency of water exposed human to risk of different kinds of illnesses which are related to the bad hygienic conditions in which poor people are living (n.d , p.1). In addition, drug abuse and addiction have a serious impact on health. In order to forget their misery, some people prefers drinking alcohol and taking drugs...

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