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Assignment 2: Poverty and Pollution Case Study Britnie Kleinhardt Professor: C. Craig Business Ethics 03/04/13 There are many business polluting in the Third world countries, that have cause ethical implications, for the following reasons, one in which being that third world countries are poorer and have exceptionally poor environmental situations. Many companies take advantage of it by their laws where they allow pollution and do not have a strict set of laws. Many western countries that come from wealth take advantage and depot their garbage and haphazard waste in there undeveloped land. Many of the headquarters are located within the United States but they tend to manufacture there products in the Third world countries, because it come to a less price to the owner. For an example being clothing factories to furniture; shoes, automotive parts and electronics to only mention a few. The Third world countries do not have the conditions and money to prevent businesses that cause harm to their environment and to the health of the people. Third world countries do not put a halt to the process because they have to decide between eating and to provide a living to the families or have a clean environment. Sadly many choose to have a horrible environment because these businesses do help out people whom live in the poverty conditions. There rate of poverty is so high, that when a company decides to create a plant. They accept it because it means jobs to their people and that would help improve the lives of many families, even if it is for a small pay rate. Many of the plant contaminate the air of the poorer nations simply because they do not have to deal with the many laws and regulations which compared to the United States. Other countries from an example Asia, Africa and Latin America are many of the countries which these businesses flock to construct

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