Poverty Essay

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Kris G Nov.20 2012 "What is Poverty?" “Poverty is staying up all night on cold nights to watch the fire, knowing one spark on the newspaper covering the walls means your sleeping children die in flames”. The author does an amazing job of grabbing the reader’s attention by explaining what poverty really is. If you think being poor is just because somebody isn’t trying to live as any other person with shelter and finances for normal things, simple as tooth brush then you’re wrong. Jo Goodwin Parker is telling us how life can be brutal. She doesn’t want any expensive items but simple things so her children can eat and sleep safely. Also she shows examples how poverty is being tired and how dirty is. Can you imagine eating all day from a same dish washed in cold water without soap? Asking simple questions makes you realize that your lucky by having what you have. Even soap, tooth brush, and a jar of Vaseline can be like a gold. To better understand Poverty each of us should read short text written by a poor, hard trying, tired mother of two kids. Finally after reading we are involved in what she was saying. We start thinking differently about poverty. On our scale I would say she deserves three because we all understand her. She’s not just saying what she need but while reading, asking ourselves questions right away we got the answer. It’s really worth to spend couple of minutes to sit and read her

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