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Research Proposal: The Impacts of poverty on the residence of Southside Belize City Topic: The Impact of Poverty on the residents of the Southside area of Belize City. Problem statement: Does the society ever place some thought on the degree of poverty around the country? Purpose Statement: Does the society ever place some thought on the degree of poverty around the country? According to the new world encyclopedia, poverty refers to a person or community that is deprived of the essentials like food, safe drinking water, and clothing, for a minimum standard of well-being and life or social resources such as information, education, healthcare, and social status. It can also be defined in relative terms. In this case it refers to the income disparities or the distribution of wealth. In this condition scarcity of resources can be seen. It is staggering to read from the news that 43 percent of the nation’s population has fallen into the depths of poverty. To get a more articulate idea about this social issue, according to the CPA report, 90,000 Belizean people that were poor in 2002 have risen to 142,000 in 2010. This positions Belize as one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean. It is an issue impacting the global economy and has affected developing countries like Belize. Worldwide, poverty has been rising as countries move further into the realm of industrialization, thus; the nation must understand and realized how this has affected the society and how it is presently affecting the society. Recent events can lead to reasons why poverty has increased so largely in our country, which are all related to the economic situation in our country. The GDP per capita was stagnating even before recession. In addition, unemployment in 2009 increased to 14 percent, which is a serious situation

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