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Poverty Today, in our modern day society, we are surrounded by wealth and luxuries. Our technological advances have made life easier and simplified. As a society we seem to be moving forward. However, not all of us are on the same page. We still find our fellow countrymen left behind due to poverty. We then wonder how our great advancing society could leave these individuals behind. The roots of poverty are deep just like the roots of a tree. However, just like a tree, these roots can be uprooted. As many problems there are to poverty, there are just as many solutions. New government programs lean to releasing these individuals from their enslavement to poverty. Food Stamps are one of these programs instigated by the Federal Government. The Food Stamp Program was instigated as a safety net for the hungry and impoverished back in the 1930s for families struggling to eat. However the program only lasted from 1939 to 1943. During 1964, a movement was passed that initiated the program once again. Then, in 1974, the program was extended nation wide. During 2004, the Food Stamp Program provided food for 10.3 million households and 23.9 million individuals. There are many causes of poverty: including scarcity of low-income housing, drugs and alcohol, and loss of untrained unskilled jobs. 35.9 million people live below the poverty line which is a scarce line drawn by the US government. The Food and Stamp act of 1977 helps people consumed by poverty get back on there feet and survive. The Food Stamp Act of 1977 aims to alleviate malnutrition and hunger by allowing low-income households to acquire a nutritious diet while at the same time, contributing to the economy. “To strengthen the agricultural economy; to help to achieve a fuller and more effective use of food abundances; to provide for improved levels of nutrition among low-income households through a cooperative

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