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Poverty is an important issue to take notice of. Many people in the United States fall within the life status of living in poverty. Just as adults are affected by poverty so are the youth. Since the youth is the future of the country they call America, it’s critical that the children do not grow up in a horrific environment. Poverty could be simply defined as being economically poor but many researchers like to refer to it as the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions. In 2004 the census reported that 24.7 percent of blacks are in poverty, and that 8.6 percent of whites are in poverty (http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/poverty/poverty04/pov04hi.html). The poverty of the black community has seemed to decrease. The white community increased in poverty rate. Although people concentrate in poverty in general they miss the youth that lives upon these hardships. The youth become adults so unless something is done they youth would just add on to the poverty population. In the early 90’s poverty seemed to be a serious topic. Rapper and poet Tupac Shakur fought against the fact that poverty was an issue in his community. What made him stand out to this situation is because he felt that the government wasn’t doing much to resolve it. The percentile that was previously shown shows that there is more percent of blacks poor than white in poverty. That does not mean that there are more poor blacks then white in poverty. The population of white is mass and of course the black community is not. So in fact, there is more numbers of white people poor than blacks despite the percentage. There are also hardships that different races face. Black and whit are not the only groups that are poor, but also Hispanics. Each of these has different hardships. Researchers Kenneth Finegold[->0] and Laura Wherry[->1] found that “Poverty has decreased among

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