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In the article Singleton emphasizes that well engineered solutions are a large part of sustainable poverty alleviation, but that the communities are the only way to succeed. “Engineering solutions are integral to the mitigation of poverty.” (Singleton p.39) Throughout this paper I agreed and supported many ideas and views that Singleton declared. I found that many of his ideas were logical and seemed to provide an insight into the source of the problems that afflicted the concerned communities. Some of these barriers he highlighted are hard to even imagine as a problem for a community to face. Many engineers from the U.S. have never had to face these problems I think this somewhat adds to the difficulty in that they might not be able to see every angle to the issue. This difference of culture is another reason I agree with Singleton when he emphasizes that community involvement is key to the solution. When the community gets involved they bring an important factor to the table that a volunteer does not possess, which is that of intimacy/special knowledge with the surroundings. This idea that community involvement is important to alleviation of poverty is also supported by the UN and World Bank as put in the article: “(They) called for alleviation strategies involving “no more hardware”,” (Singleton p.38) Another point Singleton makes is the need for high-quality engineering that addresses not only the “social, economic and political influences” but also the environmental consequences and Life-cycle of the proposed solution. Singleton makes a great many references to qualities outlined in the ASCE Code of Ethics. In this instance Fundamental Canon 1, caring for the “safety, health and welfare of the public” is definitely highlighted here along with the majority of this article. The majority of populations that are living in lacking living conditions have been

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