Potsdam and Yalta Conference Essay

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COLD WAR The Yalta conference, February 1945 In 1945 Germany was losing the European war, so the allies’ leaders decided to meet in Yalta, to agree what would happen to Europe after Germany was defeated. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill agreed on some important matter. -Stalin agrees to enter the war with Japan, as they keep on fighting and they didn’t have surrenders. -They agreed Germany would be divided into four zones: American, French, British and a Soviet part. The capital, Berlin, would be also divided as it was settle on the Soviet part. -They agree that they would allow people to choose the government they want as countries were liberated from Germans army. -They agree to join the new United Nations Organization. -They agree that Eastern Europe should be influence by the Soviet Union as they lost many soldiers and suffered terribly in the war -The only disagreement in this conference was about Poland. STALIN: Wanted the boarders of USSR to move to the west into Poland, so that Poland moved into the West Germany. CHURCHILL: didn´t approved Stalin´s plan, but he knew he couldn’t do much as Stalin red army was in the control of Poland. ROOSEVELT: He didn’t like Stalin plan at all but Churchill persuaded him to accepted, so that he could not interfered in Greece where the British were attempting to prevent the communists taking over. Stalin accepted this. The Potsdam Conference, JULY-AUGUST 1945 (in Berlin) Three months after Yalta, the war in Europe was won and Hitler committed suicide. Some changes had taken place sin Yalta and they affected the relationship between the leaders. -Stalin´s armies were occupying most of Eastern Europe: By July Stalin´s troops had the control over the Baltic State, Finland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. He had settled the Communist government in Poland. USA and Britain protested but
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