Potheads, Stoners, and Tokers; America’s Most Wanted Essay

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Today’s market is full of natural products. In every store there are increasingly more organic and natural alternatives to other preserved or chemically induced identical products. Yet with the entire buzz in the market for healthier, more organic methods, there is one natural product that will never be allowed on the counter unless reforms are made. Marijuana is that product, and it is not just illegal, but a felony. Yet it is easy for anyone to allow such a thing, because so many have been lied to about it. Reefer madness is among us, and some individuals would believe that weed ran over their cat too. The cold truth is that marijuana is harmless and should, at the very least, be decriminalized and punishments softened. TV commercials and ads are always certain in their goal; convince people that weed is a terrible thing. For the most part it is working, and yet in every ad there are never any solid explanations as to how marijuana is bad. Think about this again though. If marijuana were so bad, it would only make since that alcohol and tobacco should be illegal as well. Or maybe eating donuts can be a misdemeanor. In fact, in a study performed by Dr. Donald Abrams, professor of clinical medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, it was concluded that, “…participants who smoked pot enjoyed significantly higher increases in their lymphocytes (cells that help fight disease) than those who took a placebo” (Cloud par-8). So with marijuana’s proven medicinal uses, it appears that weed is even better for most individuals than donuts. In a time of economic crisis, one would imagine that the government would cut spending. Too many jails are overflowing with unnecessary criminals, only increasing the spending. Harmless individuals who smoke even only occasionally are suffering from a persecution that is impractical and unaffordable. In fact, “According to

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