Potential Hazards in Health Care Setting

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Potential hazard Possible har As hospitals are very busy places at times it is important to keep the floors clean, this can cause many different problem if not clean for all the people visiting the area. The possible harms that can arise are many of this are many. A dirty floor can make illnesses spread and delay the healing process. Apart from this if something has spilt or the patient had an accident the floor would be sticky this can be problematic when a patient need to be moved quickly to emergency as the floor world cause resistance. As hospitals are cleaned this can cause a hazard in it self if the proper action are not taken for example not having signs on the wet floor, or using the wrong product to clean with. There is a higher risk of injury/harm when the floor is wet anyway, but this is heightened when the are no proper signs in the area as this can cause injury if someone does not adjust there speed and continue walking they can slip and hurt them selves. Also the product used has to be friendly to the patients so it does not cause them any health problems and it has to be of a quality that does not make the floor slippery Potential hazards Possible harm A potential hazard is low quality of lighting, people that are in care homes are often very vulnerable hence the reason they have 24 hour care provided. The effects that this can have are. The patient may trip or fall do to not being able to see clearly, causing injury. The care provider may give the wrong medication which can be very dangerous causing illness. The stairs can be a challenge to climb even for healthy individuals, this is even more difficult for the vulnerable people especially if there is not adequate support e.g. hand rail or a electric lift. The possible harm of not having adequate support can cause major harm for the patient as they may be more likely to fall and trip
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