Potential Effects of Bullying

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Potential effects of bullying Bullies can make remarks about your looks, weight, physical disability, religion, colour, school work or illness, the list is endless.. There are many aspects of bullying - mains ones being the physical affects, social, emotional and intellectual effects. Victims of bullying may find it very hard to fit in and adjust to their daily routines within the school live. Victims that are targeted may feel sense of loneliness, depression and may even go to the extremes of thinking or actually committing suicide. There are long-term effects and short-term effects of bullying. Long-term effects of bullying could emotionally damage their self-esteem, lack of individual characteristics. Frequently being bullied can lead to the victim feeling that she/he is not capable of doing anything right. Sometime victims starts to believe in the bullies words and saying (verbal abuse). There are some cases where extreme bullying can lead the victim to committee suicide, this is why it is very important to deal with bullying at the early stages of cycle. There was a case of a 13 year old girl called Morgan Musson who committed suicide after being bullied at school for being too tall (she was 6ft tall). She swallowed many tablets of powerful painkillers and went to bed. Morgan was called names and was threatened with violence because of her size. However short-term effects of bullying for the victim may make them feel angry which can develop inside and cause a depression state of mind. Victims can feel scared/frightened of perhaps walking down where the bullying occurs. Victims avoid going to school simply because of the constant daily bullying or threats. This on the other hand can lead for the pupil to achieve low marks not doing well academically at
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