Potato Famine Essay

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Nick Hall use this date 10/15/12 Throughout history Ireland has relied greatly on the potato. It has been the crop that provided them with most of their food and income. It is icon that has stuck with Ireland ever since it was introduced to Europe in the 1500's. When the famine hit in 1845 it was devastating and the country was in turmoil. It lasted for 2 years and there was a lot of problems and controversy caused because of it. It wasn't necessarily Irelands fault for relying so much on the potato, but rather other factors like England's impact and natural phenomena's. The potato is a huge part of Irelands culture and history. When it was brought to Europe they took a special interest in it. They began to grow it and relied greatly of it. It was a perfect crop for their situation. They grew it exclusively for most of the 16th century through the 1800's. It was not a great idea for Ireland to depend so much on one crop but at the time there was a lot of reasons to believe that it was and they could survive and prosper because of it. They were dominated by land owners and most of the working people in Ireland were farmers. They all made most of their profits from farming specific crop, mostly grain before they were introduced to the potato. Grain was grown out of the ground and they had a lot to worry about when planting it. The weather and elements made it difficult sometimes to maintain it, and they also had to worry about animals and things destroying and eating the crops. When they started to grow potatoes things became much easier. It was perfect to withstand the elements because it was grown in the ground so didn't require a lot of land to grow, and a lot could be grown. This was especially good when the land owners started reducing the amount of land people could use. It also took faster to grow and that meant more of it could be

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