Postmodernism Essay

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Jessica Burger HUM 240: Final Project Postmodernism Postmodernism is weird. It seeks to refuse definition by nature, although many have tried and more have argued over those attempts. It’s noted as having influence in many different mediums such as art, architecture, music, film, literature, photography, and so on. At safest, we can take postmodernism to be a movement within society, or as Frederic Jameson says in his book: POSTMODERNISM, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, “It seems to me essential to grasp postmodernism not as a style but rather as a cultural dominent: a conception which allows for the presence and coexistence of a range of very different, yet subordinate features.” For our final project we decided to create a postmodernist short film. We soon realized the first thing we needed to do in order to grasp and appropriately apply the concept of postmodernism, was to understand what it is not: modernism. Modernism refers to a conceptual movement within capitalist cultures after the first world war, and is often represented through narratives such as film or literature as a yearning for the past. Modernism, like postmodernism, is largely characterized through a high value on aesthetic, essentially for aesthetic sake. Both are commentaries on luxury and thus should be noted that both are items of a technologically advanced capitalist society. Modernism confronts this idea, postmodernism confronts the aftermath of this idea. Like a sort of commentary on our inability to actually know the past, in the postmodern psyche there is no definition of reality, and the commonly conceived idea that we have of history, we have only because that is the way it has been represented to us in media. Modernism confronted the fact the society had come to a place where technological advances surpassed cultural adaptation and a philosophical question of “where do we
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