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Postmodern And Family Systems Therapy Essay

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  • on March 4, 2012
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Postmodern and Family Systems Therapy: Term Pape
Grand Canyon University
PSY 460

Postmodern and Family Systems Therapy
In North America 12% of women were sexually abused when they were children, not counting all unreported cases, leaving in its wake, long-term consequences for the survivor to cope with (Hunter, Sally V., 2006).   Some of these symptoms include depression, anxiety, panic disorders, phobias, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, self-mutilation and toxic shame.   This paper covers how various therapy models help female survivors through their recovering process to lead more vital and satisfying lives.
Survivors of childhood sexual abuse are forever reminded either consciously or unconsciously, that they are set apart, wounded, or lonely in their self-imposed isolation,   realizing that their coping mechanisms are not working for them, many seek help.   Each of these therapy methods is unique and all can provide the guidance and support they need.
Therapies of Postmodern and Family Systems
Narrative Therapy
Narrative Therapy is a process of storytelling.   The therapist and the client work together to bring out the dominant or problem laden and sometimes invisible stories of their experiences. The therapist adopts a non-expert role in this process.   He/she is not there to solve problems for the survivor, he is simply a guidance counselor thus communicating that the client is the expert in her own life and the expert in her sexual assault (Harford, P.M., 2010).   By bringing her story out of the dark and into the light through diligent work, the client sees how she has filtered her abuse, creating the profound impact it has had in her life.   The client and therapist first deconstruct her story and then move to re-write or restructure it and assign different meanings, giving the client the opportunity to view her story and its significance on her life in a better light;...

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