Postal Acceptance Rule Essay

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Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Postal Acceptance Rule 2-3 3. Evolution of Postal Rule 3-4 4. Circumstances in which it currently applies 4 5. Comparison or Contrast 4-5 6. Advantages and Disadvantages 5-6 7. Expanding or restricting the scope of this rule 6-7 8. Conclusion 7 9. Bibliography 8 Postal Acceptance Rule 1. Introduction Today, we are in 21st century world, equipped with modern technology making our life lot easier as compared to 19th and 20th. Although we are in modern world, our life is directly or indirectly influenced by the law and theories of old age. By indicating this, we are talking about the postal acceptance rule, which was introduced in 19th century. Since the introduction of this rule, many alternative means and method of communication has been practiced, and this is generally replacing postal service and postal rule by creating issues through fax, telephone, telegraph and emails transaction that are widely in practice nowadays. These electronic transactions are bringing challenges whether to continue or give-up postal acceptance rule. And here we are going to discuss about the postal acceptance rule in detail and in what way this rule came in existence, its effect, in which circumstances it currently applies etc and so on. But we must be aware that, there have been lots of consideration made and different rules have been adapted or generated so far by the courts to make it more reliable when it comes about the acceptance of an offer that leads to legally binding contract formation between parties. And today the general governing rule of acceptance of an offer clearly states that acceptance is not effective until it is communicated to the offeror. 2. Postal Acceptance Rule This postal rule is regarded as the significant

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