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People, Power and Politics in the Post-war Period Year 10, History Task 3 (Report) Australia has had a strong commitment with the United Nations (UN) for a long period of time. The UN was established on 24 October, 1945, and is a large organisation whose main aim is to maintain peace and security in the world. For over 65 years, Australia, as a founding member of the UN, has fought for the inclusion of the economic, social and development requirements of the UN Charter to help maintain world peace. Today, the principles on the charter are practiced effectively. Australia has made significant contributions to the works of the UN since its establishment, making itself the 12th largest contributor to the UN regular and peacekeeping budgets.…show more content…
INTERFET is the International Force for East Timor and for five months from 20 September 1999, Australian forces played a significant role in it. As the east Timorese people claimed independence from Indonesia, humanitarian and security crisis had aroused resulting in lots of violence, poverty and deaths. Under pressure from Australia, the UN and negative world opinion, Indonesian President Habibie, formally requested UN assistance to resolve this crisis. INTERFET, with the role of restoring peace and security, protecting and supporting the United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET), and facilitating humanitarian assistance operations, began arriving on 12 September 1999. Forces from 17 countries including New Zealand, Britain, Canada, the United States, France, the Philippines and Thailand, all under Australian leadership joined together. Australia provided 5500 personnel out of a total of 9900 and also the force commander, Major-General Peter…show more content…> date accessed 06/06/2014 [ 2 ].> date accessed 06/06/2014 [ 3 ].> date accessed 06/06/2014 [ 4 ].> date accessed 06/06/2014 [ 5 ].> date accessed 06/06/2014 [ 6 ].> date accessed 07/06/2014 [ 7 ].> date accessed

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