Post-Proposal Submittal Phase

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Post-Proposal Submittal Phase Please respond to the following: Review the steps involved in the final proposal production phase and make at least one recommendation for improving the process. Explain your rationale. The Post Proposal Phase is when the final proposal is submitted to the customer. The first step is to award those who were on the proposal team by whatever is acceptable within your organization. The next step would be to review the entire proposal to identify any omissions, critical errors, or areas that require improvement. This is important if the procurement phase includes a customer discussion or final proposal revision. Documentation of lessons learned from the proposal process is should be prepared. This will provide vital information on what went right and what went wrong during the proposal preparation. It will also provide guidance to members who have not had proposal experience. And finally ensure that you prepare adequately for the oral presentation and responding to customer inquires about the proposal. This could be the Achilles heel that most companies never expect could cost them the award of the contract no matter how well their proposal is prepared. I would recommend that the same individuals that worked on the proposal be a part of the preparation of the oral presentation. This will provide a cohesive transition from the paper proposal to the oral presentation. Often proposal are lost because of the oral presentation of the proposal. Ensuring that the information is the same, correct, reliable and understandable is vital to winning the contract. Discuss how a successful debriefing could benefit a company in future proposals (including the areas of importance to discover in debriefing and what information is available to those who were not awarded the contract). There are two types of debriefings that are

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