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Post Posts Essay

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  • on March 7, 2014
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. Promotions and TitlesP


What They Don't Tell You About Promotions
I always thought life was a game where for the most part, you have to figure out the rules to succeed. In school (aka pre-real-life), the rules are… Read…
Think you're only able to jump a spot on the org chart when it's time for your annual review? Think again. "If you've added value to your organization, even over a several-month period, you may be eligible for a promotion," says New York City–based career coach and counselor Lynn Berger. "If that's the case, you should pursue it," she adds. "The longer you wait to move to your next position, the longer it will take you to move toward your major career goals."P

How to Get It: Lay the groundwork by proving yourself a valuable employee (you can start with these tips straight from real bosses) and keeping an eye out for opportunities to ask for advancement. When you approach your manager to ask for consideration, you want to make a good case.P

Another tip: Make allies in the workplace by being respectful, helpful and friendly. "Look for a sponsor, which is someone above you within your organization who advocates for you," advises Beninger. "Research shows that people with sponsors have more success in their careers." An advocate within your company understands the politics of your workplace and may be able to help you prepare a customized plan for advancement—or at least put in a good word on your behalf when the opportunity arises.P

3. Maternity and Paternity LeaveP

Of all industrialized nations, America continues to lag in pro-parent policies: Paid family leave for new parents isn't legally mandated, and the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993—which guarantees 12 weeks of unpaid leave—only covers employees at companies with more than 50 workers.1P


How to Stay Productive While Caring for a New Baby
When my wife and I became first-time parents recently, we made a decision to split up child-rearing...

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