Post Mortem Review

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interoffice memorandum to: | Chief of operations | from: | Brandi l King | subject: | post mortem review and findings on project | date: | July 22, 2015 | cc: | management, shareholders, executives, Project manager | | | The purpose of this memo is to cover the benefits and drawbacks of my Post Mortem review. It notifies all individuals of who are required to be at the final review meeting, and goes over what we would like to find after the project comes to a head. There are certain pros and con’s to a post mortem review, which I would like to discuss with you now. Pros: * An unbiased review of the life of the project. * Will enable the project manager to go over the material from the review and improve on key points the next time a project of the same nature rolls around. * Portrays everything that was accomplished. This allows the team and management to be proud and satisfied with what they have done. * Once the review has had its analysis, the project can officially close. Cons: * It is quite hard to insure that everyone attends the meeting during the early stages of the new system. We ask that the following individuals attend the final review so that we can officially close the project, and get as much feedback as is necessary. They include; Members of management who were able to attend training and were involved throughout the course of the project. Shareholders with the company. The project management team. Executives, board members, and the owner. We would also like the developers and system administrators to attend the meeting. This however is not required because of the fact that the system is still new. The project manager, and the team involved, hope to discover the following things: * The projects overall success. * Downfalls or shortcomings that were experienced during the project. * Opinions on

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