Post Modernism in art

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Although common, the view that the postmodern artist reinvents because he or she has nothing new to say is a mistaken one. Rather, the postmodern era has been characterised by some of the most creative and original ideas in the history of art. The rejection of universal, scientific truth and of the central force of reason, logic and time has meant that art in the postmodern world has come to have a very different form, function and significance.

The essay will be addressing the many different ideas behind the Post Modern art movement including its early history, its influences and its transition into an internationally recognised art movement that we still live within today. The essay will then delve deeper into the postmodern movent assessing and overlooking some of the core styles and artists which have lived and still live within Post Modern age.

The definition of Post Modernism is a debatable one and nobody can give an exact definition of what it really means not even academic departments devoted to Art studies. The word Post Modern literally means “after the modern” making Post Modernism completely unthinkable without modernism coming before it.

In the art world, the ideals of postmodernism firstly began to arise in the 1960’s, with the appearance of different trends like Minimalism, Conceptualism, Pop art and performance. But the term Postmodernism was firstly used through architecture in 1979 when Philip Johnson put a Chippendale top on a skyscraper he created for AT&T.

Post Modernism has been nick named modernisms disobedient child because it has sprouted from a reaction against the ideals of Modernism. It is a revolutionary movement which seems to be limitless with no particular boundaries. The use of modern technology as an art form and then the use of our natural environment as an art form just show’s how diverse Post Modernism can be.

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