Post-Modernism Essay

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Post – Modernism: Smoke “Smoke” is a film from 1995. It is written by Paul Auster and directed by Wayne Wang. It takes place in Brooklyn, New York, which is a good example of the post-modernism in this film, but I will get back to that. The main character in the film is the depressed writer, Paul Benjamin, who is going through a harsh time, because of the loss of his wife. Other important characters are the owner of the Brooklyn Cigar store, Augie Wren, and the teenage kid, Rashid. The structure of the film is interesting, since it is a mix of different life stories, and together these characters create the core of the movie, supported by a few other characters, for example Rashid’s father and Augie’s ex-girlfriend. The fact that the viewer is given different stories to follow may seem confusing, but this actually makes the movie very exciting and mysterious in a good way. It is kind of a labyrinthine structure, where we have to figure out a lot of things ourselves. In my opinion, the title of the film describes the plot very well, as the message of the film is very hard to find, almost as if it is hidden behind smoke, which obviously is very hard to see through. The title “Smoke” is also very literal, because almost every scene of the film contains one or more persons smoking cigarettes or cigars, and it takes place in the cigar store most of the time. The only theme in the film which I can fairly determine is identity, since it was hard to find one or more clear themes or messages. The young boy Rashid is a good example of this, because of his search for his real identity. Rashid is not in contact with his family, and after a life-saving experience, he ends up living in Paul Benjamin’s small apartment, until the day where he decides to seek out his father at a workshop. Rashid’s father gives Rashid a job without knowing who he actually is, and Rashid hides

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