Post Modernism Essay

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Post modernism is an accurate description of contemporary western culture. Discuss. November 2012 Post modernism according to the oxford dictionary is the arts characterized by a distrust of theories and ideologies and the drawing of attention to convention. Post modernism was believed to have started in the nineteenth century. It is not a philosophy but a mindset of the western culture, it is an intellectual mood and cultural expression that is being increasingly dominant in our society and is reflected in all aspects of culture and society; Arts, Architecture, Politics, Sociology, Literature and the Media. Since postmodernism represents a decentred concept of the universe in which individual works are not isolated creations, much of the focus in the study of postmodern literature is on intertextuality: the relationship between one text (a novel for example) and another or one text within the interwoven fabric of literary history. Critics point to this as an indication of postmodernism’s lack of originality and reliance on clichés. Intertextuality in postmodern literature can be a reference or parallel to another literary work, an extended discussion of a work, or the adoption of a style. In postmodern literature this commonly manifests as references to fairy tales – as in works by Margaret Atwood, Donald Barthelme, and many other – or in references to popular genres such as sci-fi and detective fiction. An 19th century example of intertextuality which influenced later postmodernists is "Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote" by Jorge Luis Borges, a story with significant references to Don Quixote which is also a good example of intertextuality with its references to Medieval romances. People have lost faith in the metanarratives of the past and Lyotard sees social life being organized around language games, which serve to justify people s behavior in
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