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CHAPTER 1²EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report aims to evaluate Starbucks· past and present performance in order to mostimportantly stipulate the future position of this largely successful company. Being that thecompany·s objective centers around expansion, this report tries to identify a likelyattractive target country (India) for such plans. The analysis uses SWOT, PESTEL, IndustryBased View, Market Entry Mode and other similar evaluative tools to reach anunderstandable and valid conclusion that India provides varied opportunities for expansionthat can be exploited by Starbucks. CHAPTER 2 ²COMPANY PROFILE The current mission statement of Starbucks is ´to inspire and nurture the human spirit byone person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a timeµ ( first Starbucks store was opened in Seattle on March 30th 1971 by three partners andthe name of the store originated from the novel Moby Dick. The firm believes in supplyingand serving the best coffee possible by using the highest standards of quality whilstadhering to ethical trading and responsible growing practices at the same time. In 1987 thefirst stores were opened outside of Seattle, in Vancouver and Chicago and in thesubsequent years stores followed the expansion were much more extensive across NorthAmerica.Starbucks sells a variety of products which include high-quality whole bean coffees alongwith fresh rich-brewed coffees, Italian-style espresso beverages and cold blendedbeverages, a collection of complementary food items and also a selection of premium teasand beverage-related accessories and equipment ( are conflicting reports on the overall market segment that Starbucks possesses,although according to Mintel a global consumer research firm Starbucks had a 73% marketshare of U.S. coffeehouse sales in 2005, ( and this is significant because the majority of

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