Positoning Business Essay

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HBM220 – Assessment 1 – 1500 word report This document provides you with the details for your task for Assessment 1. Working in pairs, choose one of the four following global brands: 1. 2. 3. 4. Once you have chosen your brand, you must answer question 1, and choose either question 2 or 3. Produce your answers in a report format. COMPULSORY QUESTION 1. Apply the five-­‐stage consumer decision-­‐making model to the consumer decision to purchase your chosen product. Explain the internal (personal) and situational factors that may influence this process, leading someone to purchase your chosen brand’s product. Then, choose to answer either: 2. Using relevant theories on learning, explain how your chosen company seeks to influence learning behaviour. This might include learning a new behaviour or changes to current behaviour, so provide examples of both if it applies. OR 3. Compare the positioning strategy of your chosen brand to the positioning strategies of its direct competitors. What differences are there in the positioning of these competing products? Your final report

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