Positive Influences of Disney Princess

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Amber Falde Professor Harwood ENC 1102 8 October 2013 Positive influences of Disney Princesses While girls grow up they will look up to someone as a role model, whether it be a parent or a famous celebrity. These role models are only human; they make mistakes because they aren’t perfect. Young girls might see a famous celebrity that they look up to make bad choices and think that it’s ok whether it have to deal with sex, alcohol or drugs. By raising girls on the Disney princess movies, it gives girls a role model that is in a sense “perfect”. The princesses have been the same for 30 years and will stay the same for 30 more years. They are a role model that doesn’t change; there is no worry about them getting into abusing drugs or alcohol The Disney princesses teach girls the importance of family, friendship, acceptance and so much more. So why wouldn’t you want them to be a role model for your daughter? You have a guarantee that they won’t mess up like someone else could. A Disney princess shows the importance of family. In Beauty and the Beast we see Belle who trades her freedom to free her father and takes his place as the Beasts’ prisoner. By having Belle trade places with her father it shows that “Disney animated films contain strong messages about the importance of family relationships. Family members were often shown making sacrifices for one another, and putting their families’ well being before their own.” (Tanner 367) Even after Belle falls in love with the Beast, she leaves to go help her sick father. In Sleeping Beauty, Aurora’s mother and father give her up to the 3 fairies in order to protect her from Maleficents’ curse. For 16 years the fairies gave up magic so that they would be able to raise her in secret. In The Little Mermaid King Triton gives up his freedom for Ariel so that she wouldn’t become one of Ursula’s slaves. Also at the end of the
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