Positive Effects of PCP

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Imagine a world without stress, unhappiness, and no physical pain. It could be as easy as taking a tablet, smoking a cigarette or snorting powder. The chemical phencyclidine can be the relief you were looking for. It is the drug formally known as PCP. Other names for the drug include boat, angel dust, and sometimes embalming fluid. Phencyclidine was not always a street drug it was once a surgical analgesic under the name Sernyl. (Erowid) Once researchers realized the side effects of the chemical they no longer used it in their practice. Although PCP is known for its negative side effects it can reflect positive effects also. When using the drug, PCP, you may tend to feel an increase in energy; although, you might have not slept in a few days. The drug can give you a numbing effect and your mind a sense of relaxation. PCP is very popular for giving its user a very disconnected thought pattern. All of which, can be helpful to a stressful student, single mother or hard-working person. Working late and studying for exams can tend to be overwhelming and stressful to a freshman in college. They may see coffee or energy drinks as a way to stay awake for their big exam. However, a cigarette dipped in PCP can be more helpful because it will work for not only the night before exams but, the night thereafter. The student will not only feel energized and pepped for their exam their mind will be in a state of relaxation. Therefore, the student is more likely to perform better on their exam than if they weren’t high on the drug PCP. Visualize the world turning on you and all doors that were usually open to you seem to be closed right in front of your face. This is how most single mothers perceive life after a divorce or death of a spouse. A single mother struggling with the daily tasks of life would benefit her greatly from the drug PCP. These task
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