Positive Classroom Management

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POSITIVE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Statement of Focus: This assignment will focus on defining Positive Classroom Management, the strategies used to implement it within schools and, based on my observations, the relative success of the execution of these strategies. The aspect I find most daunting about becoming a secondary school teacher is managing to keep a class of up to thirty students in control “can you think of another profession, which requires often one person to manage up to thirty different and shifting agendas in a small and often ill-designed room?” (Hook & Vass 2000: 2). From observations and previous experience I am aware that the stress created and energy expelled in badly managed classrooms can be exhausting and exasperating, therefore I find myself drawn to focus on what constitutes Positive Classroom Management and how, in my practice, I can implement this. The structure of my essay will be based around addressing the following questions: 1. What is meant by Positive Classroom Management? 2. What are the key strategies of Positive Classroom Management? 3. How are these strategies implemented in my Teaching Practice School? 4. Are these strategies successful? In investigating the above I hope to discover the benefits plus the ‘what’s’ and the ‘how’s’ of well practised Positive Classroom Management (PCM). Through this study I hope to be able to adapt my learning of PCM into a practical understanding and use it as a tool to create a teaching environment conducive to focused and engaged learning. What is meant by Positive Classroom Management? Positive Classroom Management is the generic term for a set of management skills used in the classroom to precipitate a controlled, relaxed and productive learning environment. It requires the teacher to take on the mantle of ‘Leader’ within the classroom and earn authority and respect

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