Positive and Negative Aspects of an Ageing Population in Developed Countries

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People nowadays seem to overcame the fears from the things that have been seen as threats before. Majority of people don’t afraid the other creatures, they don’t have a risk for being hunted. Lots of people reach foods and clean water easily, and they have better health technologies than past. Because of this developments, people are living longer and healthier compare to past. With this changings, people gone to have a longer life than before and this causes to aging population at worldwide. Older population increased day by day, especially in developed countries and this situation has both advantages and disadvantages. We are mostly discussing about disadvantages of aging population. So it might be better to start with disadvantages. We can discuss this subject with sociological, economic and technological reasons. Today, technology is advancing very quickly and a lot of thing that we use in social life become more complex. Young people can learn very fast and understand quickly but elder persons don’t. As a result of this, aging population are lagging behind technologically, and they do not adapting to society. In TED talks, Jared Diamond has an example for this. When he was a young, they have a television in their home, and this television have only 3 button. Turn on/of button, channel change button and volume button. Currently he have a television on his home and the tv has 41 button and Jared don’t know how to deal it. It alson mention that his major mathematical skills were valuable at the past, but now because of computers, this skills are totally worthless. Even one digit IQ type of people can find great multipliers with calculation machine. This backwardness tails them in social and economical life and they feel unhappy. Nowadays, there is a huge competition between countries. They all try to be a world leader, they want the
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