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Positioning Statement (SNICKERS) * What is Snickers? The brand name chocolate bar called Snickers is made by mars. In 1930 Mars introduced Snickers to the market; the bar consisted of nougat, peanuts and caramel with a creamy chocolate coating for the chocolate lovers who like a chunky snack. It is a well-known and successful brand with annual global sales of $2 billion. The bar itself was named after the favourite family horse owned by mars. * Target Market Snickers were especially manufactured for people ranging from 6-21 years of age. People at this age spend a lot of energy throughout the day because of their busy lives and tight schedules, they might not have enough time for a proper meal but might grab a snickers bar to help them get through without starving to the next appropriate meal. It was obviously specially aimed for teenagers because it also has its own facebook page to gain a wider recognition. * Competition Even though Snickers is a well-rounded chocolate company it has competition as well with another chocolate bar introduced in 1988 called kit kat. Both brands thriving to be their best, competing for the 1st place in the consumers market. * Advertisement Snickers spent big money on advertisement, to increase sales. Ads were shown on many different levels and platforms such as the super bowl XLI on February 4/2007. They were also represented by Mr. T in a 2006 commercial which made a big impact on kids who were fighting fans. Thirdly they were advertised in a Nascar commercial. And finally, celebrities such as Betty White and Abe Vigoda also appeared in a snickers commercial. This led to a wider target market by attracting people with different interests. * People Snickers Serve Snickers portrays an image of hunger killer in the minds of the public, it constantly reminds the consumers through creative
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