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Position Paper Delegation: The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Committee: Disarmament and International Security Committee Topic B: The Role of Information and Telecommunication in Reactionary Movements. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan perceives the considerable role of information and telecommunication in reactionary movements as any other country in the world. In fact, information and telecommunication does not only play a key role in reactionary movements, but also in developing the level of education in the country. Having access to information and communications technology helps provide a new opportunity to bring people and groups together. The technological revolution has helped people to share their opinions and emotions with each other that are sometimes even perceived to be against governments. Therefore, people feel the need to raise their voices and want it to be heard by their authorities if the government is going to a wrong way by fallowing the wrong policies. Afghanistan is a developing country that has experienced decades of war. The country did not have the opportunity to provide access to communications technology to its citizens. For instance, Television and the internet were banned as un-Islamic practice under the Taliban regime that governed the country until late 2001.That was one of the basic reasons that most Afghans detested such government. Ever since, the new established government has been in the process of providing access to information and communications technology for the people of Afghanistan. Taking the era of civil war and the Soviet invasion into consideration, information and communications technologies played a weak role in the Afghan revolutions and civil war. However, the long lived era of civil war and occupation played a negative role in development of education and technology in Afghanistan. To be more

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