Poscoreport 2014 Essay

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Integrated Report of Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability POSCO r e po r t 2 0 14 ABOUT THIS REPORT Integrated Report Scope of Reporting nomic, social and environmental performances in 2014. POSCO has mances of Pohang Works, Gwangyang Works, Pohang Head Office and The POSCO Report (“Report”) is an integrated report of POSCO’s ecobeen publishing the Environmental Report since 1995, the Sustain- ability Report since 2004, and began publishing the POSCO Report that integrates the Annual Report and Sustainability Report since 2012. In addition, starting from this year, we will integrate the Carbon Report that we started publishing in 2010. Reporting Approach This Report was prepared according to POSCO’s own reporting process, referring to the following as guidelines. The Report contains the economic, social, and environmental perfor- Seoul Office. The section covering performances in 2014 and future plans include economic performances of POSCO’s subsidiaries. The Integrated Sustainability Performance Index accounts for nine POSCO subsidiaries whose annual sales exceed KRW 1 trillion or public com- panies. Some information such as fair trade, quality management, safety, and health contain information of the whole POSCO Family, which encompasses POSCO, domestic and overseas subsidiaries and outsourcing partners. ·GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) G4 guideline Independent Assurance ·ISO 26000 of the data and reporting process of the Report. Assurance was con- · he International Integrated Reporting Framework set forth by the T International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) ·Principles of the UN Global Compact Financial Information Reporting Standard The reporting framework and definition of the financial information contained in this Report are based on K-IFRS

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