Posada Surgery Case Study

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Memo Date: August 8, 2011 To: SVP, Tenet California From: Jason Chang Subject: Posada Surgery Center Posada Surgery Center has notified Twin Cities Community Hospital that it intends to apply for a Medicare Provider Number and become an in-network Ambulatory Surgical Center for the major commercial managed care providers in San Luis Obispo County. Posada Surgery, located at 322 Posada Lane in Templeton is a four suite ambulatory surgery center owned by 8 surgeons, managing partner William Sima, David Bolivar, James Carr, Steven Herron, Lauren Prewitt, N. Birrell Smith, Mareeni Stanislaus and Shan Thomas. The operating model of Posada Surgery has been as a non-par provider electing not to hold any payor contracts. Historically,…show more content…
Rob Finnegan from OP Acquisitions is reviewing historical volume, cases, expected insurance rates and projected profitability of the center as an in-network surgery center. OP Services expressed some concern with the historical low volume and potential implication on contracting rates. National Property Valuation Advisors, Inc has been engaged to complete a fair market valuation of the property and assets. Ongoing dialogue continues with William Sima, the managing…show more content…
Birrell Smith |24 |162 |$512 | |Mareeni Stanislaus |8 |54 |$170 | |Shan Thomas |4 |50 |$157 | |Total |147 |660 |$2,086

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