Pos. & Neg. of winning the lottery

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Positive and negative effects of winning the lottery Winning the lottery is something everyone wants. Rarely do people realize that there are also bad effects to having such a large sum of money. A good amount of people that win the lottery are foolish with their money, quit their jobs, or just don’t know what to do with it. The others that win make smart decisions in either investing their fortune, donating it to a good cause, or just helping their family be finically stable. Majority of people think that a large amount of money makes life much more easier, which is true, but sometimes there are also difficulties. After the winners buy everything that had wanted they wonder what else there is to buy. Some winners are over whelmed with the large sum of money and decide to spend it on drugs. They figure that if they have the money why not spend it, but they don’t realize that the drug can be addicting. After a certain amount of time the winner will notice that all of his fortune has been wasted on a drug that wasted away their body. Their money ends up being gone and they end up being broke with an addiction. A positive effect from winning the lottery would be less stress with their families finical problems. The economy today is making it hard for people to get jobs, keep their jobs, and commute to work. For an average family many are cutting back on things that aren’t needed such as going out to eat and family day trips. The lottery could help out a family like this in a great way. The family could put money away for their kids to go to college, pay off debts, and maybe even have an early retirement. Another great deed to share their fortune with would be donating it to a good cause. The winner doesn’t have to donate all of their fortune to the charity, but anything does make a difference. There are still many cures doctors are looking for today, such as
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