Portman Hotel Essay

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Analysis What distinguishes Portman Hotel from others is their ability to provide personalized services to the guests. The company introduced 5-Star team plan under which personal valets (PVs) had been organized into teams of 5, with one team per floor. They both cleaned the rooms and were like butlers for the guests. But quickly PVs moral, attendance and performance were down. The key to their business strategy was to provide an unparalleled service, which requires a high level of employee commitment and responsibility. According to company handbook, employees are important as guests. The hotel president wants to make the Portman the most fulfilling and fun place to work. They want to be the best employer in the town and work in a way that helps each person to grow personally and professionally. Portman hotel tried to increase employee commitment by calling each of them an associate. Hotel wanted to decrease the hierarchy by decreasing the number of middle-level managers and status difference by sharing the same dining hall with everyone. So without a deep hierarchy, managers supposed employees would not pursue promotion, but to grow in their jobs and stay for a long time. Associates had to do jobs other than their official responsibilities. (Job enlargement) Union problems Typical hotel has 8 or 9 unions representing employees according to their job titles, but Portman wants only one Union to represent all associates to not undermine their business strategy. Managers also fear that if they adopt strict discipline, employees will get a union. The Personal Valets PVs were the largest group, making up about 85 of the 400 employees. Over 80% were younger than 35 and many saw this job as a supporting job or entry-level job. The base pay was comparable to competitors but compensation depended in PV performance and tips, including other non-monetary
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