Portia And Calpurnia Comparison

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Portia and Calpurnia were both noble women married to men of high authority. Portia was married to Brutus while Calpurnia was married to Caesar. Both Calpurnia and Portia were dutiful wives to their respectful husbands and were both worried about their husbands. Calpurnia’s worry was brought on by strange dreams and images of nature while Portia’s worry was brought on by logical deduction as she observed her husband’s odd behaviour. Both Portia and Calpurnia confronted their husbands and receive different reactions. Portia asked Brutus about his recent change of behaviour and based her argument logically. She was truly concerned and desperate to understand what Brutus was going through. She appealed to Brutus’s love, guilt and honour to wins his trust. She spoke to Brutus kindly and lovingly, addressing him as “my lord”. Calpurnia based her argument just on her dreams and fears. She didn’t show any love or passion for Caesar, rather called him arrogant, “Your wisdom is consum’d in confidence” Calpurnia spoke to Caesar in an authoritative tone, telling him not to go, rather than asking him, lacking the gentleness that Portia had with Brutus. Brutus, in return addressed Portia with great respect and honour, “Render me worthy of this noble wife!” Portia and Brutus had mutual respect for each other and treated each other as equals. Caesar disregarded Calpurnia’s pleas simply because he did not want to give in to his wife. Her “foolish fears” were dismissed by Caesar. The relationship between Portia and Brutus was a loving and trusting one. Brutus agreed to confide in her and they both treated each other as equals and with respect. The relationship between Caesar and Calpurnia was not balanced. It was a typical Roman marriage with the man in charge. Calpurnia was subservient to Caesar and did not receive the same level of respect and honour that Portia received from

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