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comDECLARATION OF OWN WORK PRODUCED I, the undersigned, hereby affirm that the portfolio contains my personal work. YOUR SIGNATURE: Leslie Eric Nunu YOUR STUDENT NUMBER: 49676288 THE DATE: 01 / 09 / 2014 A WITNESS’S SIGNATURE: Bibiana Nunu NAME AND CODE OF MODULE: COM3708: ADVERTISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. PHASE 1: ASSESS 2.1. IDENTIFY THE COMMUNICATOR 1.1.1 Identify an organization or organizations that you will approach with the proposal to plan a communication campaign. Write down the name of the organization (s) and it’s (their) contact details. (page 6) 1.1.2 Write a letter to the owner / manager / organizer of the organization in which you explain that you would like to meet him / her to propose the planning of a communication campaign – also explain what the campaign will entail. Explain that persons concerned will be under no obligation to implement the campaign and what the planning process will require. 1.1.3 What was your experience in approaching the organization – did you experience is positive or negative? (page 6) 1.1.4 How did the organization respond to your request? (page 6) 1.1.5 You have to establish a working relationship with the organization – what arrangements would you make? To whom would you report to and who would be your contact person at the organization? How often would you report back to the organization? Write a brief report on how you established a working relationship with the organization. (page 6) 1.1.6 Identify who the communicator of the campaign would be. Would it be the organization as a whole, a section of the organization, etc.? Substantiate your choice by explaining why the communicator has been designed as such. (page 7) 2.2. IDENTIFY THE TARGET AUIDENCE 2.3.1.

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