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People have unique memories that differ among each other. Memories provide each person with originality and ongoing experiences that is the essence of improving one's life. Because memories ties a person's past and present, it creates framework of our future and establishes who we are today. Thus, memorials help keep the memory of the dead and allow people in the present to acknowledge the achievement the dead's accomplished and furthering their idea of successful future. As a result, the dead are remembered and cherished forever; leaving a mark in people's life and history.| By looking at description of “Mount Rushmore National Monument” from Sternfeld’s portfolio, he describes that it does not reflect as a memorial; despite the fact it is well known for acknowledging memorable five Presidents of the United States. Each man is known for their courage and accomplishments that shifted the history of the country. Although the monument was initially thought to be a memorial created to cherish the Presidents, it turns out that there was a different motive behind its creation. Sternfeld shows that the monument was built to attract tourists from around the world to the Black Hills of Dakota. This fact takes away the sense of admiring the Presidents and reflects on the multiple ill-doing of the government; breaking the treaty with Great Sioux Nation after finds gold in the area. A monument that should have been seen as an admired statue turns out to be a dirty tactic that the government of the United States played. However, the monument is still a memorial to the tourist since the amazing qualities of the Presidents are made visible to their eyes. Another memorial that turned out to reflect the flaw of the government is the photo of Hanford Reservation at Hanford, Washington. The place which the photo was taken shows the United States Army’s mistakes that brought a

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