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Environmental Crisis! The world is over polluted and signs indicate that it is going to get much worse before it can even hope to get better. What is a normal person to do? You and I have no power to change this… or do we? Introducing the Porta-Bike! The Porta-Bike is a way where all of us can do our part. The Porta-Bike is a series of Bicycle centers where renting the highest level of bikes to commute is fast and easy. Its here to save the Earth and you MNEY! Think of it as renting a bike to go to work and not having to dish out $900 if cycling isn’t your thing. These ‘centers’ would be attached to any 24 hour busyness that is in a high traffic spot and has updated video surveillance. How does it work? All Porta-Bikes are an easy way to commute with a bicycle instead of a vehicle without spending big money for a new bicycle. The payment plan would be simple. All you would have to do is enter the 24 hour store Porta-Bike is attached to and buy a bike card and fill out the credit card information on the internet for your card to register it. Then all you have to do is swipe the card at any Porta-Bike bike stop and the card will unlock your bike. Why do you want to try this? Because this way you can pay low monthly plans (where you can cancel in the winter months) and pick the bike you want to ride. We also offer a 1, 2, or 5 day plan. Just swipe your card when you return your bike to avoid late fees. This also is great for trips! You can exchange your bike at any time and get a different one that feels the best to you. Porta-Bike also has the highest rated cycling bikes to choose from to make it a monumental and worth while upgrade to your old bike. It also works great as a bike tester. Thinking about buying a bike? Test it out from us before you buy it! How do we make money? We make money from access fees and are able too keep bike purchase costs

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